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Abba is the Aramaic word for "father."
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My beloved children

  • June 23, 1996

    Daughter, these words which I, the Lord, speak to you, come from the eternal chalice of mercy. This chalice never runs empty, and sustains all creation. Mercy is my greatest attribute, my child. It is the reason that you are reading my tender words. Yes, I am calling you to return and claim your ancestral inheritance. Oh children, from the beginning I, Jesus, saw you. I determined your existence in the womb, and I determined the very hour you would read these love letters. There are no coincidences in your Father's Kingdom. Everything is carefully planned, and every plan is carefully executed by the Divine Will. Clap and rejoice, for if you are reading my words of mercy, then know I am waiting for you to say "ABBA." Say this, precious child, and I will rush to you faster than the wave rushes to meet her spouse, the shore. Say "ABBA" and the heavenly trumpets will blast. I will come to you, but ah, not alone. This is what I am teaching you, beloved children. With my beloved Mother shall I come to embrace and captivate your heart. We have new garments for you and many priceless gifts. For if you desire to reclaim your inheritance, you shall be clothed in the garments of holiness, indicative of your new family. You shall cast aside your old family and the evil garments they provided. You shall wear only the garments perfected in heaven for you, and for you alone. Yes, it is true. You are so infinitely precious to me, that I never confuse you or compare you to another. How many of you compare your children to each other. But I say, let them be the individuals I have created. Each one is precious in his own way. Call "ABBA," children, and we shall come. Thank you for writing, beloved child of mercy. I bless you and love you. -The Heart of God III 163

  • Would a father deny his child what he is asked if he is able to give it? Is there anything I am unable to give? Child, when one has faith, that soul is drawn into my Sacred Heart by way of my wounds. The souls with faith begin an intimate journey through the depths of my wounds where he is transformed by grace. He is showered with love and purified by my blood. He is loved and cradled in the arms of the Heavenly Father though he is unaware of this occurrence. He is kissed and comforted by God that he may become a child of God and in God; that his soul may become unified with the Holy and Blessed Trinity, is accomplished by faith.

  • Children, I, Jesus, go before you in every situation. I, Jesus, go with you and behind you in every situation. Never do you walk alone. Ask, children, for the faith to see the cross through my eyes and these graces shall be granted you.