...a passage from The Heart of God: Messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Vol 1. August 25th, 1994.

Disciples of Mercy, I have called you and gathered you here. I thank you for responding to my invitation of love. My children, I have placed a great responsibility upon you. Yes, you shall plant the seeds of my love and I, the Lord, shall dwell in my New Jerusalem. A mighty and glorious reign is at hand, for I, Jesus Christ, Eternal God and Sovereign Majesty, shall rule a people whose heart dwells in my Sacred Heart. Oh, then shall heaven rejoice and my angels shall sing my praises to my people.

Disciples of Mercy, I will instruct you and mold you for I am the Great Shepherd and you are my sheep. All of you stay reconciled to me. I will help you carry the cross of life to others. I will prepare you in the ways of righteousness and holiness. Persevere, my little Disciples of Mercy, persevere. I AM WHO AM is guiding you.

It was at this time that the Lord told Lori and John that before they were born they were placed on a path by God the Father. There would be angels on their right and angels on their left, and never would they be permitted to fall from the path. Everything they would experience in their lives, good or bad, would serve a purpose in God's plan; That being spreading the messages in The Heart of God to all of his children on earth. Through these messages the Lord and Blessed Mother teach us about Divine Mercy along with coping with our problems and carrying our crosses.

The original group of the Disciples of Mercy have evolved to a non-profit foundation consisting of Catholic men and women committed to spreading the messages of love and mercy of our Lord and Blessed Mother to the world through the locutions of Lori G. which are presently published in three volumes. This organization is fully submissive to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the authority vested in it's hierarchy by virtue of it's founder, Jesus Christ. An Imprimatur was granted by John C. Favalora, Archbishop of Miami, on June 6, 2000, the Great Jubilee Year.

The Lord has commissioned us to extend these messages to the four corners of the earth.